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Polestar 4 announced as a SUV coupé

The Polestar 4 has been announced, and is the second SUV from the Swedish electric performance car brand. Designed from the ground up, the CEO Thomas Ingenlath says that it is “a new breed of SUV coupé that celebrates rear occupant comfort and experience”.

Coming in at an estimated $90,000 AUD indicative launch pricing, mass sales are expected to start in early 2024.

About the Polestar 4

While we don’t have any confirmed pricing details or information about Australian availability, we do know quite a bit about the Polestar 4.

With radical changes such as the rear window being replaced by a roof mounted rear camera, drivers are set to change they way they experience driving. The rear view mirror is replaced by a HD screen that shows a real time feed from the rear camera, giving a much wider filed of view compared to any traditional car.

The rear of the Polestar 4, with the rear window replaced by a camera and a full length glass roof.

The full length glass roof has an optional electrochromic functionality, allowing the driver to swap between an opaque or transparent roof whenever they feel. As this stretches all the way past the rear seats, it creates a one of a kind unique interior for the driver and passengers.


As with any electric vehicle, sustainability is one of the core features and was clearly a focus for the designers at Polestar. With some materials being 100% recycled, and others sourced from transparent eco friendly supply chains, the Polestar 4 sets a new standard for sustainability and Eco friendliness in electric vehicles.

Polestar have worked with the Swedish School of Textiles and suppliers to create a custom 100% recycled upholstery. This means it was made completely to fit, resulting in no wastage or offcuts.


The Polestar 4 is set to be the fastest car the brand has ever bought to production. With a 0-100 km/hr of just 3.8 seconds. Thats faster than both the Model Y and the Model Y Long Range, and practically equal to the Model Y Performance which comes in at 3.7 seconds.

With a power output of 400kW or 544hp, the motors will provide sharp steering and responsive handling, with all the power you could dream of when you put your foot down. A 102kWh battery is included, which is set to last you 560km per charge, thanks to some clever design by the engineers which allows you to disengage the front motor when not needed to maximize range and efficiency.


Polestar are continuing to develop their connectivity technology, with a 15.4 inch landscape screen which will feature Android Auto, running on the Snapdragon Cockpit Platform. This means you’ll get access to Google built in by default, with Google Assistant and Google Maps. Apple CarPlay is also available.

For those who like to drown out their driving with some tunes, the Polestar 4 will feature an optional Harman Kardon audio system, with 12 speakers and a 1400 Watt amplifier. The optional Nappa Pack upgrade will add another two speakers to each front seat, raising the total to 16.


Continuing their Volvo heritage of incredible safety, the Polestar 4 contains world leading safety technology both inside and outside the car. Up to 9 airbags are included, and with partnerships to bring safety technology to the vehicle, the twelve cameras, radar and twelve ultrasonic sensors will be fully utilized to keep everyone on the road safe.

A 10.2 inch driver display will keep the driver informed of speed, battery and range information, and when used with other assistance systems, a virtual environment which shows other road users, current assistance functions and also navigation information. To keep eyes on the road, a heads up display is included to relay key information such as speed and navigation steps.


The Polestar 4 is set to first launch in China, with production set to start in November 2023 in a facility operated on 100% renewable energy. In early 2024, the sales and marketing will have a full scale launch across Europe, North America, and our Asia Pacific market.

To stay tuned and get more information about the Polestar 4 in Australia, make sure to keep reading here at ElectricAussieCars. To read more about Polestar in Australia, click here.

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