A photo of Polestar's showroom in Chadstone Shopping Center, Melbourne

Polestar open their first ever physical showroom in Australia

Even though they’ve been selling their vehicles in Australia since the start of the year, only now have Polestar opened their first ever dedicated retail space in our country.

Officially titled the ‘Polestar Melbourne Space’, the Swedish electric performance car brand has opened their first retail location at the famous Chadstone Shopping Centre in Melbourne.

A photo of the Polestar showroom in Melbourne Australia, with a Polestar 2 in the background

The Space allows customers to explore the Polestar lineup at their own pace, or speak with specialists on topics such as the Polestar 2, the new Polestar 3 or just general electric vehicle ownership in Australia.

From February onwards, guests will be allowed to take a test drive or arrange the collection of the new vehicle from Chadstone shopping centre, in addition to Polestar’s previous test drive and handover location of a warehouse out in Port Melbourne.

Samantha Johnson, Managing Director of Polestar Australia has stated she is “delighted to open Australia’s first highly anticipated Polestar Melbourne Space” and that she “looks forward to the concept extending to other locations in due course”.

A photo of two Polestar 2's in the Melbourne Chadstone Shopping Centre

It’s rumoured that New South Wales is set to be the next state or territory that Polestar expand their physical Spaces to.

Polestar are set to start accepting orders of their Polestar 3 SUV within quarter 1 of next year, with deliveries slated for early 2024.

Polestar also aren’t the first Electric Vehicle showroom in Chadstone, as Tesla have been around as pop-ups or a permanent location since around 2016. Could this be the beginning of a fierce rivalry, with the Polestar 4 set to oppose the Tesla Model Y and the Polestar 5 to challenge the Tesla Model S?

What state or location do you think Polestar should open up next in Australia? Feel free to comment down below.

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