Queensland doubles their EV rebate to $6000

The Queensland government has doubled their rebate for Australian’s who buy an electric vehicle. This doubles the original rebate of $3000, which has existed since mid 2022, up to a rebate of $6000.

This is great news for the state and sets a great example for other states and territories across Australia to follow. The more rebates, subsidies and tax benefits, the more accessible it becomes to switch to an electric vehicle. With EV’s having such a positive impact on our environment, this is a big step in the right direction.

The Hon Mick de Brenni, Minister for Energy, Renewables and Hydrogen within the Queensland Parliament claims he expects almost 10 thousand new households to be eligible for this rebate, and that it will help counter the rising material costs and inflations. The goal is to put regular Queenslanders inside an affordable electric vehicle.

Are you eligible for the Queensland EV rebate?

The rebate is limited to a household, with only one available per household. To be eligible, your household total gross income has to be under $180,000 per year.

Which cars are eligible for the Queensland EV rebate?

The eligible vehicles now have to cost $68,000 or under. Eligible vehicles include, but are not limited to:

  • Tesla Model 3
  • Polestar 2
  • Hyundai Kona
  • Hyundai Ioniq
  • Nissan Leaf
  • Mazda MX-30
A Polestar 2, which is eligible for the $6000 Queensland EV Rebate

What if I already claimed the rebate?

If you’re one of the over 1000 Queenslanders to have already claimed the rebate, you’re in luck. Households will be able to claim another $3000, which means there is no missing out for buying early.

The impact

By doubling the rebate, Queensland could have a significant growth in the EV market not only in the state, but Australia as a whole. By making EVs more affordable and getting more into the hands of everyday Australians, this could motivate other states and territories to follow along and increase their rebates, grants or tax cuts. This could also lead to significant investment in EV infrastructure, such as charging locations, Tesla superchargers, and more servos with EV plugs.

In conclusion, this is a positive decision which we fully endorse. This increased financial incentive may help people finally make the switch, and we hope to see similar initiatives across the country.

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