Tesla Model S and X discontinued down under

Unfortunately it looks like we wont be seeing the Tesla Model S and Model X in Australia for the foreseeable future. Last sold in Australia back in 2020, the revised and new Model S and Model X have never been available down under in Australia.

An email to those with preorders stated “Due to recent changes to the vehicle program, Model S will not be available in Right Hand Drive”. While this isn’t exactly an official announcement on their Twitter, it seems to be about the most upfront communications we can get.

A black Tesla Model S Plaid
It seems like a right hand drive Plaid Tesla might not reach Australian shores.

Can you still get a Tesla Model S or Model X in Australia?

With the Tesla ordering page only showing a vague “get updates” button right now, it might seem impossible to order your new luxury Tesla. However, for those with the budget and patience, you may be able to import a left hand drive version.

However, for all we know, they may return in 2-3 years, potentially with a higher price and new features and specifications.

What happens to those who put a deposit down?

Fortunately those who put a deposit down will be getting a complete refund of any amount deposited. Tesla expects the refunds to be made within 14 business days.

Additionally, Tesla have offered a $3000 credit towards either a Model 3 or a Model Y, if the customer orders before November.

A photo of a white Tesla Model 3
Affected customers could instead order a Model 3 with an additional $3000 discount.

While the Model 3 and Model Y are great options, they may not be an optimal alternative option as buyers might be after something more premium or with more luxury features.

This unexpected decision has shocked the Australian EV enthusiast community, and we’ll make sure we bring you any information or specific reasons if and or when they are released.

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