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Tesla prices in Australia drop for Model 3 and Model Y

With more and more reasonably priced competition on the market, Tesla prices have been cut to better compete with experienced manufacturers and their electric vehicles.

While we hope this could be the beginning of a price war and be the start of a massive shift in the market towards more affordable electric vehicles, it appears this may just be a one off for Tesla to claw back some market share.

Tesla are now more aggressively pushing Electric Vehicle incentives, shown in the top right.

Price drops for the Tesla Model 3

Tesla ModelOld PriceNew PriceDifference
Model 3$65,000$63,900$1100
Model 3 Long Range$80,000$76,900$3100
Model 3 Performance$91,600$89,900$1700
The long range variant of the Tesla Model 3 gets the greatest price drop, with a 3.9% discount

Officially being the best selling electric vehicle in Australia, the Tesla Model 3 now comes at a more competitive price for potential buyers.

Price drops for the Tesla Model Y

Tesla ModelOld PriceNew PriceDifference
Model Y$72,300$68,900$3400
Model Y Performance$96,700$94,900$1800
The base variant Tesla Model Y gets the most significant price difference across all the models.

Tesla Model Y is the other model to see the Tesla prices drop. With the base model dropping down to under $70k, the Model Y is remaining a very competitive option for an electric SUV.

Unfortunately, the price drop for the Model Y is still not enough to make it eligible for some state electric vehicle rebates.

EV Rebates in Australia and existing orders

Some good news for those who have already ordered a Tesla and are currently waiting (see our wait times here), anyone who is yet to take delivery will also benefit from these reduced tesla prices.

When designing your Model 3, you are now able to see which incentives and rebates your car may be eligible for, depending on your state.

For the RWD base variant of the Tesla Model 3, these are:

  • New South Wales Gov. EV Rebate: $3000
  • South Australia Gov. EV Rebate: $3000
  • Victoria Gov. EV Rebate: $3000
  • Western Australia Gov. EV Rebate: $3500

Additionally, some states and territories will reduce or wave the stamp duty for new and used electric vehicles.

How do you feel about the Tesla price drops in Australia? Has it made you reconsider ordering, or are you still looking at competitors? Please feel free to comment below and discuss!

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